Security forces at the scene where the terorrists were spotted

The hints that led to the capture of the Elad terrorists

A suspicious trail of blood, as well as banknotes the suspects left behind, has led search teams to their hideout in a wooded area near the ultra-Orthodox town, bringing the 62-hour-long manhunt to a close

Yoav Zitun |
Published: 05.08.22, 19:24
The Israeli military continues to investigate how the two terrorists who carried out the attack in Elad last week managed to easily cross into Israel from the area of the Rantis checkpoint in the West Bank near the ultra-Orthodox town.
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  • The investigation found that the two from the Palestinian village of Rumaneh, north of Jenin, to a relatively remote area, and passed through a gap in the West Bank barrier near the manned checkpoint and from there got into the car of the Israeli driver Oren Ben Yiftach, who was eventually killed by them after arriving in Elad.
    The Elad terrorists detained in a forested area near the ultra-Orthodox town
    (Video: IDF)
    It is estimated that the driver knew at least one of the attackers and has driven him to work in Israel several times in the past.
    A senior IDF officer told a press briefing they were "working day and night to improve monitoring of the area and work to reinforce the barrier with additional radars and additional forces to bring back deterrence that has waned in recent years."
    The officer added that at least 15 people were recently shot and wounded by forces while trying to sabotage the border fence and pass through it.
    2 צפייה בגלריה
    כוחות ביטחון בזירה
    כוחות ביטחון בזירה
    Security forces at the scene where the terorrists were spotted
    (Photo: AFP)
    The defense establishment is also preparing for the possibility of copycats trying to commit similar terrorist acts inspired by the rampage in Elad.
    Some 800 troops, including commando and counterterrorism forces, took part in the manhunt after the attackers, who were finally captured Sunday morning in a forested area near the ultra-Orthodox town.
    On Saturday, the forces found a suspicious trail of blood during the search, as well as banknotes they suspected were left behind by the terrorists. The blood samples were taken for DNA testing that confirmed that the terrorists had passed or were hiding in the area.
    An officer in the Maglan commando unit said that forces have canvassed the area several times before the suspects were finally spotted.
    2 צפייה בגלריה
    הגרזן שבאמצעותו על פי החשד המחבלים ביצעו את הפיגוע
    הגרזן שבאמצעותו על פי החשד המחבלים ביצעו את הפיגוע
    The arrest of the attackers and the axe used in the attack found nearby
    "Suddenly, I noticed this morning that the brush was 'breathing' and realized there was something unusual here. I signaled to the rest of the force, and we caught them by surprise," he said. "They were in total shock. At first, they did not talk at all. They had spare clothes and a sweater on them, but no water or food.
    The suspects were located in a forested area about a mile from the scene of the attack 62 hours after murdering Yonatan Havakuk, Boaz Gol and Oren Ben Yiftach.
    One of the terrorists identified himself by name and admitted to committing the act with his friend - but said he did not remember exactly what happened other than "they beat people". The axe used in the attack was also located nearby.
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