Kremlin foe Navalny says he will fly home despite threats

Associated Press |
Published: 01.13.21 , 12:01
Top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said Wednesday he would go home to Russia over the weekend despite the Russian prison service's latest motion to put him behind bars for allegedly breaching the terms of his suspended sentence and probation.
Navalny, who has been convalescing in Germany from an August poisoning with a nerve agent that he has blamed on the Kremlin, charged that Russian President Vladimir Putin was now trying to deter him from coming home with new legal motions. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied a role in the opposition leader's poisoning.
"Putin is stamping his feet demanding to do everything so that that I don't return home," Navalny said on Instagram, pointing at the Federal Penitentiary Service's appeal to court to replace his suspended sentence with a real one.