Nasrallah says Israel cannot threaten Hezbollah with war

Speaking at an event marking 23 years since Israel's pullback from Lebanon, Hezbollah leader says his group is the one to make threats and that Israel is no longer the powerful country it was; adds Israeli bravado comes after failure in Gaza fight
Iran-backed Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Thursday that Israel cannot threaten his organization with war. "We are threatening you and such a war will include the borders of Israel."
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חסן נסראללה
חסן נסראללה
Hassan Nasrallah
The Islamist leader spoke on the occasion of "Resistance and Liberation Week, marking 23 years since the IDF pulled back from Lebanon, adding, "Anyone who thinks the battle is over, is delusional because part of our country is still occupied."
"The enemy is the one who must be careful not to make mistakes because the big war will bring about its death," he said.
Nasrallah spoke days after the IDF militarychief warned Hezbollah was beginning to forget the lessons of the Second Lebanon War and the bomb planted by a terrorist who crossed the Lebanon border into Israel was not an isolated event.
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אהרון חליוה
אהרון חליוה
Aharon Haliva
(Photo: Motti Kimchi)
"Since Israel withdrew from Lebanon and Gaza, there is no longer the great or powerful country and today It hides behind walls and fire and cannot impose its demands in negotiations with the Palestinians," Nasrallah said. "There is no longer an American hegemony in the world," he added claiming Israel is also divided internally compared to the unity and stability of the "resistance in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank."
Referring to the recent cycle of fighting in Gaza the Shi'ite leader said Israeli threats came after Israel failed to secure a victory.
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