In first, Israeli community targeted from across West Bank border

A home in Gan Ner in northern Israel comes under fire and Palestinian militants in Jenin release video showing incident claiming responsibility
Israel Moskovitz, Yoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon, Einav Halabi|
Footage of gunfire shot at Gan Ner
A home in Gan Ner, an Israeli community in Northern Israel, was damaged on Sunday by gunfire that was believed to have originated from Palestinian territories in the West Bank.
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Ovad Nur, head of the Gilboa Regional Council to which Gan Ner belongs, said it was the first time such an incident occurred.
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דיווח על ירי לעבר היישוב גן נר
דיווח על ירי לעבר היישוב גן נר
Damage to home in Gan Ner as a result of gunfire
According to the IDF, "Earlier on Sunday the military received reports of gunfire in the area near Gan Ner. After conducting searches, a damaged house and a bullet were found, with no injuries reported. IDF forces are scanning the area for possible suspects."
The house hit by the gunfire was located on the outskirts of the community, and The distance from it to the West Bank barrier is nearly two kilometers. Nevertheless, assessment by security forces indicates that the gunfire arrived from the West Bank.
The Jenin Brigades associated with the Islamic Jihad published a video Sunday allegedly documenting the gunfire towards the Israeli community.
"We’ll probably become like communities close to the Gaza border,” Roni Haioun, the community’s head of management, said. “We need to start thinking and planning how we avoid this scenario. The community has been around for 35 years, and such an incident has never occurred before."
Hagit Levin, a neighbor of the family whose house was hit, said "I’ve been living here for 31 years, and this has never happened to us. We felt like this place was safe, but we always knew that we were close to the West Bank.”
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דיווח על ירי לעבר היישוב גן נר
דיווח על ירי לעבר היישוב גן נר
Bullet entry damage in Gan Ner home
“The family who lived in the damaged house was saved. If someone had been inside the house when the shots hit, it would’ve ended in a disaster.”
Residents of Gan Ner were informed that "in the early afternoon, gunfire was heard in the area. The settlement's security teams were alerted which then reported the incident to the IDF and police.”
“Security forces that arrived and conducted searches in and around the community,” the statement added. “According to initial assessments, the gunfire originated from the West Bank. Nothing suspicious was found during the searches, and the military then cleared the community to return to its regular routine.”
"At approximately 16:40, a resident of Gan Ner reported that he noticed a bullet hole in his apartment. The settlement's security team arrived at the scene while reporting to the IDF and the police, who also arrived and now continue to investigate the incident.”
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