Syria says Israel strikes Aleppo and then Damascus

Syrian news agency says four Israeli missiles target runways and nearby warehouses, causing fire; second strike attributed to Israel comes less than one hour later, targeting the Damascus area

Daniel salami|
Syrian state news agency SANA reported on Wednesday that Israel fired missiles at the Aleppo airport, causing damage.
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  • According to the report, four missiles hit the airport runways and nearby hangers, causing a fire. No injuries were reported.
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    פיצוצים בשמי חלב
    פיצוצים בשמי חלב
    Explosions seen and heard in Aleppo in an alleged Israeli strike on Wednesday
    Less than an hour later, Sana reported a second Israeli strike, this time on the Damascus area claiming Syrian air defenses were activated against "hostile targets."
    Explosions in Aleppo during alleged Israeli strike on the airport on Wednesday +
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    Syria said earlier this year that Israel fired missiles from the Golan Heights, at targets south of Damascus, including the capital's airport.
    Less than a day later, the Syrian ministry of transportation said that it had suspended all flights to and from the international airport.
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    נמל התעופה בדמשק
    נמל התעופה בדמשק
    The Damascus airport
    (Photo: AFP)
    The UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an group in opposition to the regime, reported that warehouses used by the Iran backed Hezbollah group and other Shi'ite militias, were targeted and that the control tower was also hit.
    Ynet reported last May that Iran and Hezbollah had begun transporting weapons on civilian flights to Syria, including small components that can be easily hidden.
    The use of civilian flights was meant to avoid detection by Israeli and western intelligence agencies, who were monitoring the transportation of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.
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