Lone soldier, Border Police Sgt. Rose Lubin laid to rest following Jerusalem stabbing attack

Thousands came to funeral on Mount Herzl of immigrant from Atlanta, killed by a 16-year-old attacker; Another Border Police operative who failed to discharge his duties when the attack occurred, was dismissed from service and reverted back to IDF role

Meir Turgeman, Roni Green Shaulov|
Thousands attended the funeral on Thursday of Border Police Sergeant Rose Lubin, who tragically lost her life in a Jerusalem terrorist attack two days ago. Soon after the conclusion of the funeral, an investigation regarding the incident was released by law enforcement authorities. This report pointed out a significant lapse in the actions of one of the team members involved in the incident.
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The inquiry revealed one of the team members abandoned his duty post, which went against his orders. The police called this as a grave infraction both from a disciplinary and operational standpoint. It was further announced that, in light of this negligence, the chief of Border Police, Commander Brigadier Yitzchak, decided to relieve the border police guard from his current role and reassign him to anotjer area to continue his service in the IDF.
"The Border Police forces are at the vanguard of operations and combat," said Yitzhak. "As an organization, we bear the responsibility for the security and welfare of the public, and this responsibility is commensurate with the extensive authority granted to us. The Border Police is an agency that prides itself on professionalism and adherence to a distinct and clear set of values. When we identify instances of failure, we will not make compromises but rather address the situation with resolution and leadership courage, while ensuring that we learn from these incidents in a fully transparent manner."
Lubin, 20 who moved to Israel from Atlanta by herself two years ago, was interred at Mount Herzl. Her father, David, delivered both the Kaddish and a poignant eulogy.
"Rose was a compassionate soul who cherished life and was truly unique. Even at the tender age of five during a visit to Israel, she expressed a desire to reside here, making it apparent to us all that she would one day make this country her home. From her early years, Rose was deeply aware that her bond with her Jewish heritage and the nation of Israel was as significant as her attachment to her own family. She was a staunch opponent of antisemitism. Rose possessed numerous talents and had a love for dance. Her voice had the power to evoke tears, and she was an incredibly resilient individual, constantly challenging herself to reach greater mental heights," her father said.
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הלוויתה של רוז לובין לוחמת המג"ב שנהרגה בפיגוע בירושלים
הלוויתה של רוז לובין לוחמת המג"ב שנהרגה בפיגוע בירושלים
Rose is laid to rest
(Photo: Alexi J. Rosenfeld /Getty Images)
Idan and Tamar James, Lubin's host family from Kibbutz Saad, also expressed their heartfelt homage to her. Tamar voiced her disbelief: "Our minds and hearts are still in denial. You were so vibrant, so full of life, exuding happiness, strength and presence, truly a magnet pulling people toward you. How is it possible that we have to bid you farewell?" She continued, "It felt as though you had always been a part of our family since the day you joined us."
"The children instantly adored you, seeing you as their older sister. It felt like we had gained another daughter. We were with you through all the major moments in your life, witnessing every step of your journey in the Border Police and your dreams. Whenever anything out of the ordinary happened in the Old City, you would always make sure to send a message to confirm your safety. This Monday morning, you didn't send a message, which caused me to worry and reach out to you, a message that until now, remains unread. We had the privilege to know you, a girl full of color in every sense. A passionate vegan and Zionist, your zest for life radiated, touching everyone around you," she said.
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רוס אלישבע רוז איידה לובין
רוס אלישבע רוז איידה לובין
The late Rose Lubin
"To Rubin, David, and the entire family, it was Rose who united us here. We became a single family. I'm grateful to you for giving her the permission to come here, as though anyone could ever resist her wishes," said Idan. "Knowing her was an honor for us. Our angel, with her quirky attire and vibrant hair. It's difficult to comprehend that we have only known her for two years. It feels like she's been a part of our lives forever. The pain of her loss permeates my heart, soul, and body. With love, we send our condolences, for we are one family."
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