NYPD braces for pro-Palestinian rally on New Year's Eve

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says city police force will make New Year's festivities safe for participants; police officials say disturbances would not be tolerated

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is set to tighten security for an expected “heightened threat environment” around New Year’s Eve in Times Square amid the war in Gaza, U.S.-based news outlet Deadline reported last week.
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According to the report, following increasing online chatter about a substantial turnout of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli protesters on December 31, New York Mayor Eric Adams, along with NYPD Chief Jeff Maddrey and other police officials, said there was no specific threat the police was expecting.
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הזירה מחוץ לתחנת הרכבת בניו יורק
הזירה מחוץ לתחנת הרכבת בניו יורק
New York Police
(Photo: Reuters)
Nevertheless, given the numerous protests advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza and expressing opposition to Israel in New York City since October 7, the city was taking no chances. "We are going to be ready."
According to the article, a pro-Palestinian march called “Shut it Down! For Palestine” is expected to take place on New Year's Eve near Times Square. “We’re going to have tow trucks strategically parked along the actual New Year’s Eve festivities, and we’re going to have drones deployed around the outer perimeter so we can monitor the protests, potential protests that are coming in real time,” Assistant NYPD Commissioner Kaz Daughtry said.
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אריק אדמס, ראש עיריית ניו-יורק
אריק אדמס, ראש עיריית ניו-יורק
Eric Adams
(Pיםאם: Jeenah Moon / Reuters)
The popular event, which will be televised around the world, prompted Adams to say "the full complement of our public safety apparatus will be on display,” and that any attempts of violence "wouldn’t be tolerated.”
According to the report, however, knowing protestors would likely aim to get the attention of the cameras at the event, Adams added, “We are prepared for anything and everything, especially when it comes to the safety of our team.”
A local law enforcement source told the outlet that the police’s presence at the event would be “significantly greater than usual. A lot can happen, we are prepared.”
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