IDF medic Corporal Adam

IDF medic caught on video saving Palestinian baby in distress

Palestinian women arrive at a Jerusalem border crossing carrying an infant who struggled to breathe and was unresponsive; quick-witted soldier hurries to provide child with life-saving treatment before he is taken to the hospital

Elisha Ben Kimon |
Updated: 12.07.21, 22:19
A Palestinian baby was saved last week by the quick response of an IDF medic on duty at the Zeitim border crossing in Jerusalem.
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  • The incident took place when two Palestinian women arrived at the border crossing carrying the baby, who was ill and was breathing with an oxygen tank, and called for help.
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    רב"ט אדם הציל תינוק פלסטיני
    רב"ט אדם הציל תינוק פלסטיני
    IDF medic Corporal Adam
    (Photo: Courtesy)
    Nineteen-year-old Corporal Adam, who was stationed at the crossing as a combat medic, rushed to the infant's help as he struggled to breathe and was unresponsive.
    The quick-witted soldier noticed that the child's oxygen tank was poorly connected and began performing CPR on the child as they waited for an ambulance.
    IDF medic saves Palestinian baby at a Jerusalem border crossing
    As the time passed, Corporal Adam feared that first responders may not arrive on time. That is when he asked a police officer to flag down a taxi and take the child and the women to a nearby East Jerusalem hospital.
    "When the taxi arrived, I told the driver what to do as I continued performing CPR on the child. The taxi drove away, and I carried on with my work at the crossing as usual," Adam said. "A few hours later, I saw this family coming back to the checkpoint. They came to thank me and tell me that the baby was fine. It's a great feeling to save a baby. I'm glad I could help him."
    First published: 22:18, 12.07.21
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