Greta, Hamas isn't a progressive organization to blindly support

'Imagine that your loved ones are locked in a protected room while terrorists burn them alive. Taking Hamas' side in the massacre is a crime in itself' | Esty Hayim, Israeli author, calls on the world to inspect and see beyond the superficial and erroneous

Esty G. Hayim|
Hello Greta and her progressive friends. Being a humanist means to see the details not the general, the unique, not the obvious, to see the complicity, not the superficial, the depth, not the surface. Taking Hamas' side in a complicated case, as the unbelievably brutal massacre on the 7th of October, is a crime in itself.

Tales of tumult: Israeli authors decode war

It means you and your progressive friends agreed, while sitting comfortably in your armchairs, that decapitation of babies’ heads, raping women, shooting whole families – parents, their children, and the grandparents while they’re tied to each other and of course, unarmed, kidnaping babies, children, women, old and sick people, and civilians, is fine and moral as long the victims are on the “wrong” side, the occupying side.
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גרטה טונברג ובית ששרפו מחבלים בעוטף עזה
גרטה טונברג ובית ששרפו מחבלים בעוטף עזה
Ruined homes in southern Israel, Greta Thunberg
(Photo: Gadi Kablo)
For the record and the irony, most of the victims were peace activists and against the occupation, but that didn’t matter to the terrorists. Occupation is a tragedy and it should come to its end in the two-state agreement. Too much suffering and violence for too long, but this is another story.
Butchering, kidnapping, and raping women, children and babies is a crime against humanity. No less. Imagine that your loved ones are locked in a protected room while terrorists burn them alive after lighting their houses on fire. The reasons for such a terrible act are never justified. The victims are civilians, and innocent children for God's sake!
If it would happen to your friends or family, or to any human being in your village, city, or state, would you justify it as a legitimate reaction? How would you like your state to react? Would you be shocked? Afraid? Angry? These people lost everything in a few hours. They didn’t do any harm to anyone.
What is the matter with you, dear progressives? Are you blind or deaf? What’s wrong with you? It’s simple: A sadistic slaughter of 1300 innocents is a terrible crime. Period.
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ביתם של משפחת מרום שנשרף על ידי מחבלי חמאס בטבח הרצחני ב-7 באוקטובר
ביתם של משפחת מרום שנשרף על ידי מחבלי חמאס בטבח הרצחני ב-7 באוקטובר
Home in southern Israel torched by Hamas terrorists
(Photo: Courtesy)
Nothing is black or white but that. It’s always wrong.
Demonstrably supporting Gaza and Hamas without even condemning this disposable killing, is not progressive and not human.
My parents suffered from the Evil of Man during the 2nd world war. I know what it means to suffer from trauma. Any violence is awful, but the kind the people in the kibbutzim in southern Israel suffered only a few weeks ago is the most sadistic one that nothing in the whole world justifies.
Please, try to think, what does a month mean to a nine-month-old baby that was kidnapped by Hamas? What does a month mean to a two-, three, or four-year-old child? To an 86-year-old woman? To a young mother? To an 80-year-old man who was a peace activist all his life?
Being selective in what a war crime means, and not feeling shocked by Hamas's horrific actions against innocent people, is a crime and a stupidity. It’s actually falling into the manipulative trap of a most cruel organization that uses its own civilians as a human shield.
Esty G. HayimEsty G. HayimPhoto: Studio Faraj
“Progressive", “intellectuals” and “human” mean nothing if you ignore this horrific massacre and kidnapping of more than 240 babies, Children, women, men, and elderly.
Imagine it’s your mother, your baby, your grandmother, your brother, or your friend. They are all Innocent people. Just like you.

Tales of tumult: Israeli authors decode war

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