Video shows terrorist targeting settlers in Huwara

A young family with a toddler driving through the West Bank town come under attack, causing the rear window to shatter but leaving baby sleeping undisturbed; local settler leader calls on IDF to launch offensive to end terror wave

Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun|

Huwara shooting attack

The IDF shot and killed a suspected terrorist after he opened fire on a car in Huwara on Thursday. The passengers reported that their rear window was shattered by gunfire when they were driving through the town but they were not hurt. Security camera footage showed a terrorist shooting at the vehicle carrying the couple and their young child.
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"We heard a loud noise and our window was impacted twice by billets," the woman said. "There was an odor. My husband moved to the opposite lane and drove in the opposite direction. He saw the terrorist in the real window and called in his description. The baby was sitting in the back to the left. Thank G-d we were unhurt. The baby is still sleeping in her chair," she said.
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Terrorist shoots into car carrying young family of settlers in Huwara
Terrorist shoots into car carrying young family of settlers in Huwara
Terrorist shoots into car carrying young family of settlers in Huwara
(Photo: Screenshot)
"We will keep on driving through this town and will not give in but we demand security. Where were the soldiers."
The attack on Route 60 through Huwara came just one day after the military closed it to traffic for three hours after Palestinian rioters hurled stones at Israeli cars. It is used by Jewish settlers on a regular basis and is the only option to reach settlements in the area. Huwara had been the scene of numerous terror attacks in recent months, including the fatal shooting of two brothers from a neighboring settlement last February that was followed by hundreds of settlers rioting in the town setting fire to homes and property.
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אירוע ירי אל עבר רכב חולף בחווארה
אירוע ירי אל עבר רכב חולף בחווארה
Aftermath of a Huwara shooting attack on Thursday
(Photo: Hatzala without borders )
In August, a father and son were shot to death from close range when they were in a local carwash.
"This right-wing government fails time after time, to provide its citizens with security," Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said. "We cannot accept a situation where there are attempts to murder Jews on a major road in Israel. I demand that the government return roadblocks to the area immediately and instruct the IDF to launch a major offensive that would end the wave of terror."
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