Is Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister's son, aiming for US citizenship?

A Jewish immigration lawyer has confirmed Yair Netanyahu is now included in his prestigious client list, claims he is a 'real gentleman with plenty of talent' who stands a great chance of being hired by American employers; At the moment, it's unclear if the premier's son is looking to secure citizenship or just a Green Card

Did Yair Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's middle son, begin the official process to secure a US citizenship? Attorney Michael Wildes, a co-founder of the Wildes & Weinberg immigration policies law firm, announced via social media that Yair, an "internationally renowned political speaker and journalist in Israel and abroad," according to thefirm's website, is now counted among his clients.
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Known for his highly provocative statements, including one against IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy in August in which he said Halevy "will be remembered as a failure in the history of the IDF," Yair Netanyahu, 32, has been a highly critical voice against various factions of Israeli society, often forcing the prime minister himself to clarify or correct his son's charged statements.
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יאיר נתניהו וסתיו שפיר
יאיר נתניהו וסתיו שפיר
Yair Netanyahu
(Photo: Nadav Avas)
As for Wildes, he serves both as an immigration lawyer as well as the incumbent mayor of Englewood, a New Jersey town of around 30,000 people. In a conversation with Ynet, Wildes confirmed contact with the premier's son, but did not divulge any specifics about whether Yair Netanyahu is looking for citizenship, a temporary work visa or anything else.
With his company opening up a branch in Tel Aviv, Wildes boasts many notables as his clients, such as Israeli singing stars Eyal Golan, Yardena Arazi and Sarit Hadad. Wildes' father was also an immigration lawyer. "When my father founded this office, he never believed he would ever encourage anyone to emigrate away from Israel, but America has always been open to Israelis."
Among his father's clients were none other than Beatles legend John Lennon, and Wildes himself has represented former first lady Melania Trump and her parents as they transitioned toward a US citizenship. Michael has lavished some praise upon the Prime Minister's son, saying he's very talented and a "real gentleman", citing those attributes as highly regarded by potential US-based employers.
The prime minister's son left Israel in early April. His departure occurred just before the civil unrest sparked by plans to fire Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The sudden move raised eyebrows, particularly as Netanyahu abruptly halted his social media activity. However, he has recently resumed posting various content, including sharing a message from the Im Tirtzu movement on Wednesday. The message appealed to Gallant, urging him to "demonstrate responsibility and dismiss those refusing to serve!"
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עו"ד מייקל ויילדס
עו"ד מייקל ויילדס
Attorney Michael Wildes counts Yair Netanyahu among is clients
Reports suggest Yair Netanyahu initially resided in a high-end beach property in Puerto Rico before relocating to Florida. He made his home in an upscale complex situated in Hallandale Beach, a city adjacent to Miami. Recently, through a legal statement, Netanyahu indicated he has established his life in Florida and currently has no plans to return to Israel.
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