Man hurt in West Bank shooting attack

A woman alerts security forces to a Palestinian who steps out of a car and fires at passing vehicles outside West Bank settlement of Avnei Hefetz; MDA says 39-year-old man suffering wounds from broken glass, treated
Elisha Ben Kimon|
A 39-year-old man suffered light wounds on Tuesday after shots were fired at cars near the West Bank settlement of Avnei Hefetz.
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הנזקים שנגרמו לרכב בפיגוע הירי בשומרון
הנזקים שנגרמו לרכב בפיגוע הירי בשומרון
Bullets fired at Israeli cars in a West Bank terror attack
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Medical emergency teams transported him to hospital for treatment.
Moments earlier security forces were alerted by a woman of a terrorist opening fire at cars on the road. She said she saw a man got out of a Palestinian car and opened fire on at least three passing cars, before she drove away. Troops found empty shells on the scene and began an investigation.
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יוסי דגן בזירת פיגוע הירי בשומרון
יוסי דגן בזירת פיגוע הירי בשומרון
Aftermath of West Bank shooting attack on Tuesday
(Photo: Samaria Regional Council )
MDA said they received a call shortly before 8 am about shots being fired. "Paramedics treated an injured man who was fully conscious and hurt by broken glass, and transported him to the hospital," they said.
Yossi Dagan, head of the local settlement regional council criticized the government for failing to take steps to secure the roads in the area. "We warned against removing the checkpoint outside Avnei Hefetz," he said.
"This all-right-wing government has not changed the policies of the previous left-wing one and it is costing us in blood, he said. "We could have had three dead people now."
The attack came shortly after rockets were fired at southern Israel from Gaza, falling in open fields and causing no injuries.
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שובל הרקטות ששוגרו לעבר עוטף עזה
שובל הרקטות ששוגרו לעבר עוטף עזה
Rocket fired from Gaza at Israel on Tuesday
(Photo: Roee Idan)
The Islamic Jihad announced a general strike in the West Bank and Gaza after a senior member of the terror group died in an Israeli prison where he had been on a hunger strike for the past 86 days.
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