Protests not stopping 'we don't believe this Israeli government'

Spokesman Nadav Galon says there will probably be no dialog about the things that really need to be advanced and protesters will continue to march until the entire plot to change the judicial system is blocked

Sharon Kidon, Meir Turgeman, Ishay Shnerb|
Despite the statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday announcing he would temporarily halt his government’s push to reshape the judicial system, a spokesman for the protesters said they have no intention of stopping their demonstrations.
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In an interview with Ynet Radio, Nadav Galon said that "one of the characteristics of this struggle has been that we don’t believe this government.”
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מפגינים הולכים על איילון בתל אביב
מפגינים הולכים על איילון בתל אביב
Israeli protestors
(Photo: Yuval Chen)
Galon noted that statements by coalition partners do not bode well for those who oppose the legislation: “They said explicitly that after a period of time, they will resume enacting the laws on the appointment of judges and a series of other bills, some of which they are continuing to advance right now, such as the establishment of a national guard for the most extreme and dangerous man in the State of Israel, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir," he said.
“Unfortunately, we know that there will probably be no dialog about the things that really need to be dealt with in Israel: a constitution, human rights and basic rights anchored in basic law, and a series of things that are for the benefit of the justice system. There is a very extreme element here who seeks to crush the judicial system," he added.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday several protestors painted the water red in a fountain near the city of Bat Yam, as a move to demonstrate "Netanyahu is slaughtering democracy."
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המזרקה בגבול יפו-בת ים נצבעה באדום במחאה על המהפכה המשפטית
המזרקה בגבול יפו-בת ים נצבעה באדום במחאה על המהפכה המשפטית
The fountain was painted red
“Netanyahu’s statement will not make us stop. We look forward to the complete termination of the criminal legislation. We'll fight and protest until we succeed. Even the private Kahanist militias of Itamar Ben-Gvir will not scare us,” the said referring to the extremist religious Zionist ideology based on the views of Rabbi Meir Kahane.
Galon also spoke about the agreement of the opposition leaders Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz to sit down with Netanyahu and added: “They said from the beginning that they would sit and talk if the legislation was stopped. It is our job to guide them and make our voices heard. If we are strong enough, we will stay on the streets and set our red lines, we believe that they will not compromise, because, unlike the government, they need to be attentive for us in the public."
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