Idit Silman and Naftali Bennett

Bennett meets political allies to prevent further resignations from his coalition

Prime minister summons members of his Yamina party for meetings, including long-time ally Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and others seen at risk for swapping political sides;

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Published: 04.06.22, 13:31
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met on Wednesday with senior members of his coalition from his Yamina party after the surprising announcement from his coalition whip and party member, Idit Silman that she was resigning from the coalition and allying herself with the opposition.
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  • "I can no longer serve in a coalition that is adversarial towards the values we all hold dear," Silman said in a letter to the prime minister adding a call for him to join forces with the right wing.
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    נפתלי בנט עידית סילמן
    נפתלי בנט עידית סילמן
    Idit Silman and Naftali Bennett
    (Photo: Kobi Kunakas)
    Bennett summoned Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, his long time political partner and others to ensure they too do not leave his coalition and join with the opposition led by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Meetings with other right-wing members of the coalition and the leaders of the parties are scheduled for later in the day.
    Silman's announcement robs Bennett's government from the narrow parliamentary majority they enjoyed.
    Bennett was criticized by members of his coalition for ignoring members from the right who were urging him to favor the West Bank settler movement and prevent what they saw as affronts to the Jewish identity of the country.
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    מליאת הכנסת
    מליאת הכנסת
    Idit Silman with Ayelet Shaked at the Knesset
    (Photo: Yoav Davidovitch)
    His coalition had not legalized West Bank outposts while favoring Bedouin communities in the Negev in order to appease the Islamist Ra'am party, which is also a member of his coalition.
    Bennett was also silent when his Religion Minister, Matan Kahana announced he would revise the laws so as to weaken the power of the Chief Rabbinate, controlled by the ultra-Orthodox parties.
    The latest confrontation occurred just days ago when left-wing Meretz leader and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz instructed hospitals not to inspect visitors entering their premises for food products that are forbidden according to Jewish dietary laws on Passover.
    Silman then said she could not allow a minister with such views to remain in his post.
    Right wing activists had been camped out outside Silman's home in efforts to pressure her to change political sides.
    Benjamin Netanyahu in his capacity as opposition leader welcomed Silman back to the fold after he promised her a position of Health Minister in his new government, should one be formed and a secure place in the Likud list ahead of the next elections.

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