In first, UAE to participate in Israel's Independence Day flyby

Israel Air Line Pilots Association says 2 Emirati companies - Etihad Airways and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi - and all the Israeli civil airlines will take part in May 5 aerial exhibition

Daniel Salami|
For the first time in history, the United Arab Emirates will take part in Israel's 74 Independence Day civilian flyby, it was announced Sunday.
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  • Israel Air Line Pilots Association, which was behind the initiative, said all the Israeli airlines and two UAE companies will take part in the May 5 flyby.
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    מטוס איירבוס של חברת איתיחאד איירווייז
    מטוס איירבוס של חברת איתיחאד איירווייז
    Etihad Airways plane
    (Photo: Shutterstock)
    The Israeli airlines that will take part in the flyby include El-AL, Israir Airlines, Arkia, CAL Cargo Air Lines, and Ayit Aviation and Tourism. The Emirati airlines include Etihad Airways and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.
    The civilian planes will join the flyby at 12:45pm after the Israeli Air Force will finish its traditional aerial exhibition.
    The flyby set to stretch along the coast of Israel from north to south, from Acre to Ashdod, and will return for another flight from west to east. The flyby is expected to be conducted at a very low altitude of only 1000 feet, giving Israelis the chance for a close glance at the event.
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    מטס חיל האוויר עובר מעל תל אביב
    מטס חיל האוויר עובר מעל תל אביב
    Israel's Independence Day flyby
    (Photo: Sahar Berger)
    The flyby is due to be completed by 13:20pm. The final component of the flyby will be a three-plane structure consisting of a jumbo CAL jet with two Embraer E-Jet family aircraft.
    Head of the Israel Air Line Pilots Association Captain Midan Bar said: "First and foremost, it is a flyby of pilots, which proves that regional cooperation is practical, and not just an announcement.
    "I welcome the Gulf State's pilots who will come to participate in our flyby of peace to increase our cooperation. Furthermore, this flyby points unequivocally to the strength of Israeli civilian aviation. The companies that have been forced to deal with COVID-19 have now returned to full activity, even more than before. The range of participating aircrafts points to the central role the Israeli aviation plays in the world, and its enormous potential."
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