Watch: Paris subway passengers chant 'f*** the Jews, we are Nazis'

Since onset of war following Hamas attack on Israel, French interior minister reports staggering 857 antisemitic incidents, including Stars of David graffiti marking Jews

Dennis Bihler, Yaniv Pohoryles|
A disturbing video has surfaced on social media platform X, depicting a shocking incident on the Paris metro where commuters shouted antisemitic chants, including "F*** the Jews... Long live Palestine... we are Nazis and proud." The 16-second clip portrays one commuter's disbelief as she captures the group participating in the chant.
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This incident coincides with French prosecutors launching an investigation into a recent increase in cases of Stars of David being spray-painted onto buildings throughout the capital and its suburbs to mark that Jews are living in them, a horrific scene that reminds the dark days of the Holocaust.

Since the October 7 Hamas terror attack against Israel, in which 1,400 children, men and women, and elderly were massacred, France's Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, reported a staggering 857 antisemitic incidents. These include a range of hateful incidents, from graffiti to physical assault and even death threats, surpassing the number of incidents recorded through the entirety of the previous year in just the past three weeks.
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Commuters on a Paris metro chant antisemitic remarks
Commuters on a Paris metro chant antisemitic remarks
Commuters on a Paris metro chant antisemitic remarks
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