IDF soldiers/Illustration
IDF soldiers/Illustration
Photo: AFP
IDF soldiers/Illustration

Israeli soldiers suspected of assaulting Palestinian during arrest

Details obtained by Ynet indicate 4 soldiers from Netzah Yehuda Battalion, a Haredi military unit, threatened the detainee with a gun and even committed indecent acts on him; initial indictments could be filed in coming days

Yoav Zitun |
Published: 10.13.21, 16:02
The Israeli military police has recently arrested a number of soldiers suspected of assaulting a wanted Palestinian man during his arrest in the West Bank last month.
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  • From details obtained by Ynet, it appears at least 10 troops from Netzah Yehuda Battalion, a Haredi military unit and part of the Kfir Brigade, had been initially arrested, but six of them were later released.
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    IDF soldiers/Illustration
    IDF soldiers/Illustration
    IDF soldiers/Illustration
    (Photo: AFP)
    The arrest of the four soldiers still in custody was extended for the first time earlier this week and on Thursday they are set to attend another remand hearing at the Military Court in Jaffa.
    Investigators in the military police also suspect the alleged Palestinian victim was beaten in the military vehicle en route to the base, where the abuse continued and where allegedly one of the soldiers pinned his weapons to the back of the detainee.
    The Palestinian man later complained to a doctor who questioned him during the detention process, and his complaint eventually led to a physical examination in which bruising marks were found on his body.
    Police investigators also believe the four soldiers committed indecent acts on the Palestinian suspect, and the military court approved the request of the troops to prohibit the publication of their names and images.
    The investigation is in advanced stages and initial indictments could be filed in the coming days. The IDF refrained from commenting on the case despite similar events that have occurred in recent years in the same battalion.
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