IDF tank stolen from base, then found in junkyard

Initial investigation suggests suspects who are already in police custody, stole the tank to strip it of its metal; IDF says the non-commissioned tank is used in target practice
Eitan Glickman|
Footage of the stolen tank
(Video: Israel Police)

A Merkava Mark II tank that was stolen from an IDF training base in northern Israel was on Wednesday located by police in a junkyard near the city of Nesher and two suspects in their 40s were in custody.
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The Defense Ministry reported the incident to the police as soon as it was confirmed. An investigation was launched immediately, leading to the tank's discovery.
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הטנק שנגנב
הטנק שנגנב
Merkava Mark II tank in the junkyard
(Photo: Israel Police)
The tank had been out of service for many years and was used for training purposes by the military. The IDF has a number of decommissioned armored vehicles, which are sometimes used for artillery fire practice.
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מצדיעים לטנק מרכבה סימן 2
מצדיעים לטנק מרכבה סימן 2
Merkava Mark II tank
(Photo: Haim Hornstein)
The tank was not armed and did not contain any operational systems and was likely stolen for its metal which could then be sold.
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