Israelis sue Iran for 1 billion dollars over Hamas massacre | Exclusive

Families represented by Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan law firm file suit in New York federal court claiming Iran financed and trained terrorists who committed atrocities; 'they are as responsible as Hamas,' the mother of a victim says

At least 66 Israeli-American or Israeli families with close relatives wounded, abducted or murdered in the Hamas atrocities on October 7, filed a law suit in the New York Federal Court demanding compensation from Iran, totaling a billion dollars.
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The families said Iran was responsible for the physical and mental anguish they suffered because it financed and trained Hamas terrorists who carried out the massacre.
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המחבל במתקפת טרור באזור מסיבת הטבע ברעים והאמל"ח של חמאס שנמצא בעוטף עזה
המחבל במתקפת טרור באזור מסיבת הטבע ברעים והאמל"ח של חמאס שנמצא בעוטף עזה
Hamas massacre on October 7
They are represented by the Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan law firm. The case is expected to last many years.
Natalia Ben Zvi, whose son Sagiv was murdered at the Nova music festival said she is seeking justice. "My son was a beautiful and kind man. To me, Iran is the head of the snake and is no less responsible than Hamas."
Israelis had filed for damages against Iran in the past, both in Israel and abroad because of terror attacks involving the Palestinian Authority during the second intifada. After damages were awarded by a court in New York, the ruling was overturned on appeal because they Israelis were unable to prove that Iran directed the attacks, or that American interests in the area were targeted in them.
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מתחם זיהוי הגופות "שורה" ברמלה לאחר הטבח בדרום
מתחם זיהוי הגופות "שורה" ברמלה לאחר הטבח בדרום
Bodies of victims of the Hamas Massacre at the Shura base
(Photo: Yair Sagi)
Iran holds no known assets in the U.S. but the lawyers in the current case are relying on previous rulings in American courts and overseas. If there is a ruling against Iran, the law firm plans to seek Iranian funds to compensate the families.
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