Palestinian militants might return Israeli's body, source says

Spokesman for Jenin’s armed factions says working with Red Cross to return body to Israel after learning car crash victim was not a soldier

The spokesman for the Palestinian militant factions in the West Bank city of Jenin, Abu Moujahid, told i24NEWS on Wednesday that the release of the body of the Israeli killed in a car accident is being worked on after it was determined that he was not a soldier.
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  • Moujahid informed the i24NEWS Arabic channel in an exclusive interview that the Palestinian gunmen who snatched Tiran Fero's body from a hospital determined that the 18-year-old Israeli Druze was not a soldier. Contacts were then established with the Red Cross to arrange to send the body back to Israel and to Fero's family.
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    טירן פרו, שגופתו נחטפה
    טירן פרו, שגופתו נחטפה
    Tiran Fero
    (Photo: Courtesy of the family)
    Fero died in a car accident in Jenin on Tuesday morning. His body was reportedly snatched from the Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin by Palestinian gunmen after succumbing to injuries he sustained in the accident.
    Hailing from the Israeli Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel, Fero was critically injured in the crash and a friend of his who was also in the car was seriously injured. His body was reportedly being held in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank.
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    Northern West Bank city of Jenin
    Northern West Bank city of Jenin
    (Photo: Reuters)
    According to Moujahid, the kidnapping was carried out to negotiate the return of the bodies of Palestinian terrorists from Jenin held by Israel in exchange.
    "However, since we learned that he is not a soldier, we are working to return the body," Moujahid said.

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