'Let's get it done': Engineering Corps forces take no prisoners dismantling Hamas infrastructure

Watch: Since the onset of ground operations, soldiers have been focused on clearing areas of explosives and opening up obstructed routes; IDF spokesperson urges Gazans to clear south

On Saturday, the IDF spokesperson disclosed information about the actions of the engineering corps forces in the Gaza Strip, stating "throughout the days of fighting in the Gaza Strip, engineering corps forces broke through axes, cleared areas of explosive devices and thwarted terrorist infrastructure and terrorist cells found in the area." The spokesperson further added, "In addition, engineering and infantry forces located and destroyed compounds that were used to plan and carry out terrorist operations."
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During the documentation of the opening routes and clearing the entry point to the Strip, the voice of Battalion 601's commander, Lt. Col. Shimon, rings out: "I trust you, the people of Israel trust you, let's get it done."
Watch as IDF forces get past obstructions set up by Hamas
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Lt. Col. Gilad, the commander of Battalion 603, spoke about the battalion's activities in the Strip over the past week, saying, "We've been fighting and destroying infrastructure and breaking through axes." He continued, "During the breakthrough, we identified terrorists using civilian vehicles to attack us.
"Without hesitation, we destroyed them. Just two days ago, our battalion was involved in a significant rescue operation. One of our battalions, which found itself behind enemy lines, managed to rescue a significant amount of equipment and prevent a large number of casualties. Our battalion will persist in its duties - we will do whatever is necessary and we will prevail."
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תיעוד: פריצת צירים ברצועת עזה, ניטרול מטענים ומנהרות: לוחמי ההנדסה בפעילות הקרקעית ברצועה
תיעוד: פריצת צירים ברצועת עזה, ניטרול מטענים ומנהרות: לוחמי ההנדסה בפעילות הקרקעית ברצועה
IDF bulldozing through
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Following the IDF strikes in northern Gaza since the conflict began, British newspaper "The Guardian" conducted an analysis of satellite imagery. It identified over 1,000 craters, visible from space, spanning an area of approximately 3.8 square miles. In one of the examined regions, it was observed that an assault on a group of buildings, situated within an area of about a third of a mile, resulted in roughly 100 craters, some nearly 46 feet in diameter.
The Guardian cited a statement from an IDF spokesperson who confirmed that 12,000 targets were hit in Gaza. The paper also noted that Israel launched over 8,000 various munitions, "more than the United States used during a year of operations in Afghanistan."
The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza announced Israel bombed the UNRWA-owned and operated Fakhurah school in the Jabalia refugee camp. Spokesperson for the ministry said Israeli bombardment of the school has brought about a toll of 12 people who have been killed and more than 54 wounded.
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תיעוד: פריצת צירים ברצועת עזה, ניטרול מטענים ומנהרות: לוחמי ההנדסה בפעילות הקרקעית ברצועה
תיעוד: פריצת צירים ברצועת עזה, ניטרול מטענים ומנהרות: לוחמי ההנדסה בפעילות הקרקעית ברצועה
IDF soldier looks on amid wreckage
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
The Arabic-speaking IDF spokesperson called on the people of Gaza to once again clear out toward the enclave's southern section, closer to Khan Yunis and the Rafah crossing. it was stated Israel would allow civilian movement along Gaza's main corridor, the Salah al-Din road, between 13:00 and 16:00. "For your own safety, use this time to move beyond Wadi Gaza," the message read. "If you care about yourselves and your loved ones, head south. You can be sure Hamas leaders care only for themselves."
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