Watch terrorist carjacking as he launches Ra'anana killing spree

Ynet exclusive footage shows 24-year-old terrorist commandeers a car from a baffled woman and goes on to hit pedestrians and driving against oncoming traffic, while his relative carries out a similar attack at a different part of the city

Ynet has obtained exclusive footage of the terror attack in Ra'anana on Monday, carried out by two Palestinians from the West Bank village Bani Na'im near Hebron, who are illegally staying in Israel. They began their killing spree by commandeering a vehicle from a distraught and traumatized woman.
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In the images, one of the terrorists is seen near a carwash he was employed in, throwing the woman out of the car and beginning to drive erratically against oncoming traffic. This was done concurrently with his accomplice, a family member, went on to kill 79-year-old Edna Blustein and injuring 18 others.
First moments of the attack
(Video: Courtesy)
Footage shows the terrorist, identified as 24-year-old Ahmed Zidat, commandeering the car in HaHaroshet street, at the city's northern edge, then driving to oncoming traffic. Seconds later, out of the camera's view, he proceeds to injure several pedestrians standing near a bus stop. His 44-year-old relative Mohammed Zidat, drove in a different car to the western edge of the city, hitting several school children, after which he came back to the carwash, where he was subsequently arrested.
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רגע מעצר מחבל אחמד זידאת פיגוע רעננה
רגע מעצר מחבל אחמד זידאת פיגוע רעננה
Ahmed Zidat being arrested
The terrorists had rented a small housing unit nearby as they prepared to carry out this attack. Zidatps employer at the car wash was also detained and was being investigated by security forces.
Following the attack, IDF forces raided Bani Na'im, questioning family members and locals about the two terrorists.
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