Hanoch Daum
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Fanatics left out

Hanoch Daum overjoyed because National Union has been left out of government

Last week was a good week for those who take pleasure in rejoicing at someone’s downfall. Personally speaking, I greatly enjoyed the past week. It started with rejoicing at the downfall of National Union members, this bunch of fanatical characters who estimated that they would win 15 mandates and who throughout the election campaign urged voters to support National Union to ensure it will join the government.


Meanwhile, I claimed all along that National Union will not be joining any government, because of their impossible agenda. I told anyone willing to listen that any vote cast for National Union is a wasted vote.


I am glad to see I was right. The radical camp of religious Zionism, which last week led the scandalous protest in Umm al-Fahm, will remain in the opposition and can continue working for Itamar Ben Gvir, who is likely preparing many more delusional provocations for the next four years.


I wish them great enjoyment and wish that religious Zionist voters remember this matter next time they hit the polls. I also wish them to remember that had Jewish Home won six Knesset seats, the religious Zionist camp could have also received the education portfolio.


Illegitimate desire

In addition, only a few weeks ago I wrote about the anger that overcame me every time I heard leftists hoping that Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu will depend on National Union. This desire to see Israel hit a snag in its ties with the world is an illegitimate desire in my view. The thought that the state is not important, as long as Netanyahu fails, is a patronizing and illegitimate thought.


It was a pleasure to see all these critics eat their hats last week and desperately attempt to smear the Labor party over its decision to join the government.


They can go ahead and condemn it as long as they want. They can say it’s all about a desire for power. This is nonsense. Labor’s call is a responsible decision that is deeply attentive to the desires of this nation. This is not about smalltime politics, but rather, about a big-picture consideration of the national interest.


I love and appreciate Labor Knesset Member Shelly Yacimovich. (I’m even engaged in dialogue with her so that she will initiate a brilliant bill: Women in their late stages of pregnancy would be allowed to park in parking spots reserved for the disabled.) However, I strongly disagree with her perception that saving the Labor party is the same as saving the country.


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