Hanoch Daum
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Don’t do us any favors

Hanoch Daum responds to latest cancellation of musical performance in Israel

There is only one way to deal with artists who lack any political and diplomatic understanding, and who make pretenses of serving as judges when it comes to our region: Ignore them.


The State of Israel will remain strong even without a summer performance that aimed to attract 30,000 people and was now cancelled. It’s a pity, but certainly not something that should make us lose sleep. We will not be accepting lectures about morality and have our performance graded by fools who happen to sing well.


This is not the way for members of the Pixies to end the vital blockade around the Gaza Strip.


So are you interested in annulling the blockade? Instead of confronting the producer of your concert in Israel, how about you confront Hamas, dedicate a song to the Shalit family, and demand that the captors allow the Red Cross to visit the Israeli soldier?


Perhaps you should boycott terror-supporters, wherever they are, while condemning people who fire missiles at innocent civilians?


There’s been much buzz about the cancellation of the shows in Israel, but I suggest that all of us calm down. Life was nice enough even without the Pixies, and it will continue to be that way.


A summertime concert is a lovely event, but no more than that. We should stop worshiping these kinds of shows and stop turning these concerts into a barometer for our national strength. It’s pathetic, and mostly unnecessary. They don’t want to come? Go ahead, don’t come.


This pretense to boycott a state, punish it, and screw its citizens is a megalomaniac gesture by people who believe that they’re the center of the universe. So have a great summer, everyone. Don’t come. We’ll be just fine without you.


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