Isfahan nuclear facility
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Kidnapped Iranian: We're making nukes

'Nuclear program expert' kidnapped by separatist Sunni organization reveals in video: 'There was workshop on nuclear enrichment for weapons production; 50 people worked around the clock away from security personnel's eyes'

An employee of the nuclear plant near Isfahan, who was kidnapped by a separatist group in Iran, has revealed the true goals of the Iranian nuclear program – developing nuclear weapons.


A videotape showing the man, Amir Hoseyn Shirani, sharing information about his work was aired Saturday night on the al-Arabiya network.


Shirani was kidnapped a month and a half ago by the Jundullah Sunni Separatist group and has most likely been held in the Baluchistan region. In the tape, Shirani shares details of his role at the nuclear reactor and his participation in a classified workshop where they enriched uranium for the creation of nuclear weapons.


Al Arabiya defined Shirani as "an expert on the Iranian nuclear program". On the tape Shirani admits that he has worked at the secret reactor south-east of the city of Isfahan in Iran for three years. He said that he was hired to work at the facility by one of his relatives, Ahmed Sultani, who was the general manager of the reactor.


On tape Shirani says, "During my time at the facility, I understood that there is a workshop working on enriching uranium for the production of nuclear weapons. The workshop was held far from the eyes of security personnel." He continued to reveal that the same 'workshop' held secret meetings, most of which he was present at thanks to his connection to the general manager of the reactor.


Shirani described intensive activity at the reactor: "The workshop was held on three separate occasions, each time it was held, 50 people worked continuously around the clock" he noted. While on camera he also provided the names of senior engineers at the reactor.


Shirani also spoke of the atmosphere at the secret facility: "those who were part of the project expressed their determination to obtain nuclear weapons. They explained that it must be done because the enemies of Iran – the US and Israel – have nuclear weapons."


He also said that workshop participants used to say that "the neighboring country, Pakistan, has nuclear weapons and so we must also get such weapons. It is inconceivable that we should be inferior to Pakistan."


The Jundullah organization who took responsibility for Shirani's kidnapping, operates mainly in the south-east of Iran where it is conducting a stubborn battle against the rule of the Ayatollahs. Jundullah (Soldiers of Allah in Persian) recently claimed that its people were responsible for the July terror attack in which 22 members of the Revolutionary Guards were killed.



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