Erez Efrati in court
Photo: Noam Moskowitz

Erez Efrati says mistook his victim for 'terrorist'

Former IDF chief bodyguard convicted of attempted sodomy spins yet another story, claims he thought woman he attacked was a 'terrorist' causing him to revert to military mode'

Erez Efrati, the former IDF chief of staff's bodyguard convicted of attempted sodomy and sentenced to eight years in prison and two years probation, claimed Wednesday that the reason he attacked his victim was that he mistook her for a "terrorist."


Efrati struck a plea bargain in 2010, when he confessed to and was convicted of attempting sodomy on a 22-year-old woman after his bachelor party at the Tel Aviv Port. His case in now pending a Supreme Court appeal.



"I wish to tell the court about the events of that night from my perspective, of what I felt during the ravishment of the poor girl," Efrati told the court.


"I was walking without any clear direction or reason, without knowing. Everything was flashing before my eyes. I felt my heart pounding... I was walking really fast when I saw a dark figure and it was walking towards the car. And just like in a military, I opened the car door and grabbed the keys from the ignition switch. I thought she was a terrorist," described Efrati.

Efrati at court on Wednesday (Photo: Noam Moskovich)


Efrati's testimony caused quite a stir in court as the rape victim burst into tears.


Justice Edmond Levy intervened and told Efrati his story was "a new scenario, and if he means it he should have told it to the District Court."


The case dates back to November 2009, when Efrati was leaving his bachelor party, under the influence of alcohol. He seized the complainant as she was entering her vehicle, parked near the Tel Aviv Port, and dragged her into the bushes where he beat her, tore her clothes, and attempted to sodomize her.


Efrati initially denied attacking the woman, and later said he could not be held responsible for his actions because he had suffered alcohol poisoning. He later abandoned this claim and admitted to attempted sodomy as part of a plea bargain. The charges against him were subsequently changed from aggravated rape to attempted sodomy.

Efrati. 'Thought she was a terrorist' (Photo: Noam Moskovich)


Efrati apologized and said he was aware that his victim "went through an ordeal."


"I want to say that I take full responsibility for the damage and pain I've caused. I think about it everyday. Moreover, I don't only say it but I also do it. I began treatment a few months ago to understand what had happened and how I got myself into this situation. I'm digging deep within me. In one moment my life turned upside down. Her pain is important and I'm trying to learn and understand," claimed Efrati.


Justice Levy then addressed Efrati and said: "It's good that you're trying to learn, but while you are trying to rebuild your life, there is a woman's whose life has been completely destroyed and she might never be cured."



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