Who is behind crash?

Who is behind government websites' crash?

Anonymous sends viral warning to Israeli government about future attack, however State officials deny internet hacking group is behind crash; claim it is a server malfunction

Who crashed the official IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet websites? The Anonymous internet hacking group issued an online statement on Friday warning they intend to attack once again. However State officials deny on Sunday that the group was behind the attack, instead claiming it was a server malfunction.


A Youtube video uploaded on Friday was signed by Anonymous as an open letter to the government of Israel claiming the Israeli navy blocked the Canadian-Irish flotilla attempting to reach the Gaza Strip.


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"We do not tolerate this kind of repeated offensive behavior against unarmed civilians… If you continue blocking humanitarian vessels to Gaza… then you will leave us no choice but to strike back again and again until you stop," said a computerized voice in the video.



The Anonymous group have recently canceled their November 5 plan to reveal the identities of the people cooperating with Zetas, the most violent drug cartel in Mexico.


Deputy Director of the government's Information Technology Unit Ziv Slater claimed a serious technological malfunction on one of the servers caused some of the government websites to crash.


"It has nothing to do with an attack, no threat and no hacking. It's just a systems malfunction," said Slater. "Our best minds are working to fix the problem. They were not hacked."


The following websites have been taken off line: Shin Bet, Mossad, IDF, IDF Spokesperson's Unit, Health Ministry, Justice Ministry, Construction and Housing Ministry, Science and Sport's Ministry, the President's Residence, Immigration Authority, the Israel Land Administration and Israel Atomic Energy Commission.


Jonathan Silber contributed to this report




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