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Tel Aviv University's online cybersecurity course ranked first in the world

Free course 'Unlocking Information Security' clutches first place half a year after its launch, surpassing renowned courses from universities such as Stanford and Princeton

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Published: 06.21.20 , 22:57
Tel Aviv University's online cybersecurity course - free and already viewed by users in 150 countries - has taken the top spot in the world among the online courses available in the field.
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  • Launched in December 2019 by Prof. Avishai Wool and Dan Gittik with the help of the Israeli company Checkpoint, the online course "Unlocking Information Security," reached number one in six months.
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    It also came in first place in cryptography courses and sixth among 1,750 online computer courses, surpassing renowned courses from universities such as Stanford and Princeton, according to a statement from Tel Aviv University.
    "Students around the world are looking for the most current and relevant courses," said Yuval Shraibman, director of TAU Online, the Center for Educational Innovation at Tel Aviv University.
    "To our great joy, Israel is considered a leading power in the field of cybersecurity, and this new course, therefore, attracts many young people who want to train in information security."
    The field of information security is growing rapidly and there is a great demand for employees with knowledge in the field.
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    Many companies seek formal training from employees who wish to move into the cybersecurity field.
    The course provides its students with an in-depth understanding of key topics in the field, such as cryptography, security of identification systems, attacks and defenses on the internet, and familiarity with viruses and other malware.
    The ranking was done by the Class Central website, which coordinates assessments of online university training platforms around the world.
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