Facebook, Instagram down worldwide for 90 minutes

The social media networks malfunctioned in Israel and around the world - both the apps and the websites; Facebook's internal systems also collapsed

Users around the world were disconnected from social networks. Around the world, and also in Israel, Facebook and Instagram were down for 90 minutes on Tuesday evening.
Dozens of surfers told Ynet about the crash of Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday afternoon. The glitch also affected Meta's other social network, Threads, as well as Messenger.
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The collapse of the networks began at around 5:20 p.m., and the Daily Mail reported that, among other things, surfers in the United States were also unable to connect to their accounts.
The problem affects both the social network apps and the websites themselves. Facebook's internal systems also collapsed, which may have led to the worldwide outage.
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(Photo: AFP)

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תקלה כלל עולמית בפייסבוק
תקלה כלל עולמית בפייסבוק
Chart shows Facebook outages worldwide
Hundreds of thousands of surfers from around the world reported on the Downdetector website about the malfunction. Most of the complaints are about not being able to connect to Facebook and Instagram. In Israel alone, thousands of reports were received that the websites and applications are not working.
Surfers expressed their anger at the glitch, including West Coast residents in the United States who were unable to connect to Facebook when they woke up. One of the surfers actually sounds happy, that he found out that it was a glitch: "I thought I was blocked, I relaxed when I found out it wasn't just me."
Elon Musk, owner of the competing social network X (formerly Twitter), reprimanded in a post on his platfrom: "If you're reading this post, it's because our servers are working."
First published: 18:32, 03.05.24
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