For 1st time, Apple is world's most popular smartphone manufacturer

In a major upset, Apple dethroned Samsung after 13 consecutive years, becoming the top-selling smartphone manufacturer in 2023; Samsung experienced a significant 13.6% decline in sales, contributing to an overall 3.2% contraction in the market, according to a report by the research firm IDC

In a significant shift, Apple overtook Samsung to become the world's most popular smartphone manufacturer in 2023, according to a report by research firm IDC. This marks a reputational and economic blow for Samsung, which had held the top spot for 13 consecutive years.
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Apple experienced a 3.7% growth in sales compared to 2022, selling a total of 234.6 million iPhones, securing a fifth of the market. Samsung, on the other hand, suffered a sharp decline of 13.6% in sales, with its market share standing at 19.4%. Following them are Xiaomi with 12.5% market share, OPPO with 8.8%, and Transsion with 8.1%. The latter is a Chinese manufacturer less known in Israel but gaining prominence in developing countries and Africa in particular.
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טים קוק אוחז באייפון 15 פרו
טים קוק אוחז באייפון 15 פרו
Tim Cook holding an iPhone 15
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The smartphone market faced a challenging year, with a 3.2% decrease in sales compared to 2022, totaling 1.17 billion units sold, according to IDC. However, the fourth quarter of the year was relatively successful, showing an 8.5% increase in sales compared to the same quarter the previous year, indicating a potential recovery for the market in 2024.
"The clear winner is undoubtedly Apple," said Nabila Popal, a research director at IDC. "Not only is it the only player among the top three to show positive annual growth, but it also reached the top spot for the first time. Despite facing regulatory challenges and renewed competition from Huawei in China, its largest market."
Apple's success, explained Popal, stems from an increase in demand for its premium iPhone devices, now constituting 20% of the market. Additionally, aggressive trade-in programs and interest-free financing plans for purchasing Apple devices contributed to their triumph.
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