Leo DiCaprio spotted with model ex of soccer star Mbappe

Once again confirming theories of his affinity to young beautiful women, DiCaprio was spotted enjoying a night out in Paris with Belgium model Rose Bertam
Hadas Bar-Ad, Ynet|
During his visit to France in honor of Paris Fashion Week, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with PSG soccer star Kylian Mbappe's rumored former partner - model Rose Bertram, sparking allegations of a new romance.
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  • According to The Daily Mail, both attended a party organized by DiCaprio and his friend Richie Akiva - a Puerto Rican Jewish businessman - at Kuku, a well-known restaurant in Paris.
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    Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with Rose Bertram
    Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with Rose Bertram
    Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with Rose Bertram
    (Photo: Twitter)
    Leo, 48, and Rose, 28, apparently arrived at the same time and left the grandiose event within minutes of each other.
    Bertam is a well-known Belgium model, known for her work with brands including H&M and L'Oreal.
    After ending an eight year relationship with Gregory van der Wiel, a Dutch soccer player, rumors spread of a new romance between her and Mbappe. However, she rejected claims of their relationship, and it seems the belle has moved on.
    DiCaprio, known for attempting to avoid paparazzi, sported an all-black outfit with a cap to shield his face from cameras.
    About a month ago, the American celebrity was seen alongside 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polanii in a nightclub, also causing rumors that a new relationship may be budding.
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    ליאונרדו דיקפריו עדן פולני
    ליאונרדו דיקפריו עדן פולני
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani
    (Photo: Backgrid)
    A bit further back, in the fall, DiCaprio was spotted with famous model Gigi Hadid, at yet another private event hosted by Akiva and their close friend Darren Dzienciol, at Casa Cipriani Manhattan.
    DiCaprio has gained a reputation for seeking out young beautiful women, and reports of his recent flings seem to be confirming those theories.
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