Ori Sasson
Ori Sasson
Photo: Radad Jabara
Ori Sasson

Israel's Olympic medalist in judo Ori Sasson to retire

Israel Judo Association says the two-time Olympic bronze medal winner is expected to receive a role in Israel's national judo team, having failed to sustain top form following 2016 Rio Games

Asi Maman |
Published: 05.10.22, 15:29
Israel's Olympic medalist in judo Ori Sasson is expected to announce his retirement later this week, Israel Judo Association officials said Tuesday.
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  • According to the officials, the 31-year-old will hold a press conference on Thursday, and he is expected to receive a role in the national judo team.
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    Ori Sasson
    Ori Sasson
    Ori Sasson
    (Photo: Radad Jabara)
    Ori Sasson won two Olympic medals, a bronze medal in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio in Men's +100 kg category, and a bronze medal in the Tokyo 2020 Games as part of the Israel national judo mixed team.
    Both achievements came under the guidance of national men's team coach and former Judoka Shay-Oren Smadja, who decided to add Sasson to the +100 kg (220 pounds) category.
    After the Olympic Games in Japan, the judoka didn't train regularly and was re-considering his future in sports. And while he did take part in the various training camps and practices, he eventually wasn't able to participate in Men's +100 kg category and opted to retire.
    Sasson began training when he was eight years old, back in 1998, and started competing in 2005. He won the Israeli Judo Championship in the −100 kg category in 2007–09 and 2011, and in the +100 kg category in 2011 and 2012.
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