Israeli actress Gal Gadot cameo in Family Guy short

Family Guy explains COVID vaccines with Gal Gadot's help

In newly released short, Stewie and Brian explain to vaccine hesitant Peter the importance of getting the shot, deadpanning that without it 'we’re right back where we started: Gal Gadot singing 'Imagine''

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Published: 09.22.21, 19:08
On Tuesday, Seth MacFarlane and his Family Guy team debuted a new short film intended to raise public awareness about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as vaccines in general, with Israeli actress Gal Gadot's likeness making an appearance.
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  • MacFarlane, who penned the PSA, also voices four characters — vaccine skeptic Peter Griffin, toddler son Stewie, anthropomorphic dog Brian and physician Dr. Hartman.
    In the three-minute video, Peter is debating whether or not to get vaccinated at the doctor's office. Erudite and at times, homicidal baby Stewie and Brian try to educate Peter about the benefits of the vaccine and the science behind it.
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    Israeli actress Gal Gadot cameo in Family Guy short
    Israeli actress Gal Gadot cameo in Family Guy short
    Israeli actress Gal Gadot cameo in Family Guy short
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    The video combines typical Family Guy humor with educational facts. While Peter is expressing his dilemma, his precocious toddler Stewie and his canine companion Brian shrink microscopically and teleport inside his body. They take matters into their own hands to school Peter on how the vaccine combats the virus. They, in a visual demonstration, explain the way in which vaccines boost the immune system in the body.
    Peter gets some unhelpful counseling from his physician, Dr. Hartman, who suggests, "think of the vaccine as a large ethnic bouncer."
    The video ends with Stewie clarifying that if not vaccinated, worse virus variants are likely to spread. He deadpans, "And then we’re right back where we started: Gal Gadot singing 'Imagine,'" exclaiming, "We cannot let that happen." Convinced, Peter gets the vaccine.
    Stewie was referencing a video the Wonder Woman actress posted to her Instagram in the early days of the pandemic and lockdowns, featuring herself and about onescore other self-isolating celebrities singing the treacly John Lennon classic.
    The video took flak online from users lambasting its amateurish performances and some dismissed it as an empty platitude and a publicity stunt that was making use of a crisis.
    Gadot, however, seems to have taken the joke in good humor, sharing the video to her Instagram page with the caption "I promise I’ll NEVER do that again if you get vaccinated!"
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