'I'll give it my all,' Noa Kirel tells Ynetnews

'There is nothing more exciting for me than representing the State of Israel' at Eurovision, Noa Kirel tells us, and says our readers can also have an impact

Raz Shechnik, Liverpool|

As Israeli pop star Noa Kirel prepares to take the stage on Monday at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, she tells Ynetnews that she is in it to win it, but she needs the help of her fellow countrymen living in Israel and around the world.
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"There is nothing more exciting for me than representing the State of Israel. I'll give it my all. You - who are watching from so many countries in Europe and the world - can also have an impact," Kirel tells Ynetnews readers.
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נועה קירל
נועה קירל
Noa Kirel
(Photo: Roy Elman)
She will appear in the first Eurovision semi-final Monday, the ninth performance out of 15. Kirel and her song, "Unicorn," are expected to make the finals, which will take place on Saturday night.
Kirel has spent the last week rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing, but she told Ynet that it has been more fun than she expected. She says that she has felt the support of Israelis back home, something that she is tremendously grateful for.
Eurovision week opened Sunday with the so-called turquoise carpet event - the official welcome to the delegations participating in the competition; the entire Israeli delegation walked on the carpet with Kirel.
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נועה קירל על השטיח הטורקיז
נועה קירל על השטיח הטורקיז
Kirel at the turquoise carpet event
(Photo: Screenshot courtesy of EBU)
Kirel has said that she is "crazy excited" about her Eurovision debut and that she is very aware that she has about three minutes to represent her country in the best way possible. "I believe that I will feel comfortable because the stage is my home," she said, "I hope that my performance will bring joy and pleasure."
"It's clear to me that the most difficult and critical and stressful week is still ahead of us. But by and large, we're having a great time," she told Ynet on Sunday.
Kirel is signed to a contract with the American label, Atlantic Records, and she is represented by WME. She served in the Israel Defense Forces in a military band for two years which ended in February 2022.
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