'Fierce' Noa Kirel wows in second Eurovision rehearsal

Israeli singer and dancers take to the big stage in Liverpool, drawing enthusiastic responses; 'I want to be number one, everybody wants to be number one, but the real win is what I'm feeling right now,' she says in post-rehearsal interview

Ran Boker|
Noa Kirel receives a warm welcome backstage after her second rehearsal

Noa Kirel held her second rehearsal for the Eurovision on stage in Liverpool Wednesday and captivated everyone in attendance as preparations for the upcoming European song contest are underway.
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“Watching Noa Kirel on the big screen is a totally different experience from in the arena - the camerawork is amazing, and every one of her facial expressions is entirely fierce. Can't wait to see her photoshoot in the studio later,” an entry on the competition’s live blog, titled “Israel still have the power of a unicorn,” read.
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נועה קירל בחזרה השנייה באירוויזיון
נועה קירל בחזרה השנייה באירוויזיון
Noa Kirel during her second Eurovision rehearsal
(Photo: Corinne Cumming/EBU)
[I’m] excited to be here. It's been intense but really, it's so fun to be here and feel the energy. I've been waiting [for] this moment for a long time, it's intense and hard but it's fun,” Kirel said in a post-rehearsal interview.
“I can feel it from back home, the support and the love and everybody's very excited for me, it makes me feel so much stronger and powerful and confident.
I've been a judge at Israel's Got Talent, I was so young, I was 16. I was the youngest. It was an incredible experience, and I go up on stage here, I feel the same.”
When asked how she’d feel if she didn’t qualify for the finals, she replied "Obviously sad, but I think everything so far is good, I'm here to represent my country and I'm working so hard and that what matters.
Kirel gives a post-rehearsal interview
Of course, I want to be number one, everybody wants to be number one, but the real win is what I'm feeling right now. I feel honored to be on the stage in front of millions, such a big experience, just the fact that I'm here performing in front of the whole world, I'm representing my country [that’s a win] for me.”
When asked who won the competition the last time it was held in the UK, the Israeli contender replied, “Yes, Dana, of course,” referring to Israel’s Dana International who carried the 1998 edition in Birmingham with the song “Diva.”
“I think it's my blessing. I love Dana, she's my friend and so talented. I love her. I hope it will bring a blessing. Who knows.
When asked what she would’ve advised herself when she started off her music career at the tender age of 13, Kirel said, “Keep believing in yourself and you'll have a lot of opinions and background noises.”
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הזכייה באירוויזיון של דנה אינטרנשיונל
הזכייה באירוויזיון של דנה אינטרנשיונל
Dana International
(Photo: GettyImages)
Kirel's next performance next week will already be a part of the competition. The Israeli delegation reported that the rehearsal lasted 20 minutes, during which the singer performed her number “Unicorn” three times in a row so her team can adjust the lighting as well as other technical aspects such as pyrotechnics.
Kirel performed after the Swiss contender and was coincidentally located in close proximity to the dressing room of the Swedish representative, Loreen, who has been leading the betting tables in recent weeks.
On Monday, Kirel performed "Unicorn" for the first time on the Eurovision stage, unveiling a performance structure that begins with a large colorful illuminated LED box. She will be wearing wide black pants with pockets and a shiny pink and black top with transparent sleeves throughout the competition. During the performance, she will switch to a matching bodysuit. The official Eurovision site described Kirel's look as "wet".
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