'Where are the feminists?' Gwyneth Paltrow asks after Hamas atrocities

The Hollywood star took to Instagram to voice her criticism of the feminist groups that remained silent about the sexual assaults in the October 7 massacre; she also brings to light the story of Shani Louk, murdered by Hamas terrorists

"Shani Louk should have been 23 years old today" - this is how a post shared by American actress Gwyneth Paltrow on Instagram on Wednesday begins, as Paltrow recounts the horrific sight of Shani's body paraded by the Hamas terrorists.
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After being kidnapped on October 7 from the Nova festival in Re'im, Louk was carried through the streets of Gaza, with terrorists and residents cheering and spitting on her. Subsequently, her parents were informed that she had been murdered.
"There are still 17 women being held by Hamas. Where are the feminists?" Paltrow asked in her post.
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גווינת' פאלטרו
גווינת' פאלטרו
Gwyneth Paltrow
(Photo: AP)

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הסטורי של גווינת' פאלטרו
הסטורי של גווינת' פאלטרו
Gwyneth's story
The 51-year-old actress and Academy Award winner has mostly remained silent on political affairs, perhaps the fact that her father, Bruce, was himself a Jewish man from Poland, might have compelled her to speak out.
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