Israeli comedian forced to leave World Cup amid death threats

Palestinian-American journalist posts an inciting video on Twitter, highlighting Guy Hochman's IDF service, and claiming he is a killer; in several videos the Israeli comedian seen speaking to Iranian fans 'trying to make peace'

Dennis Bihler|
An Israeli comedian said he had to cut short his Qatar World Cup trip and already booked a flight back to the Jewish State after receiving death threats.
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  • Guy Hochman, who has blown up on social media for making "comic on the street" videos where he asks random Israelis controversial questions, journeyed to the historic World Cup in Qatar to create content for his social media platforms under the title "trying to make peace."
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    Israeli comedian Guy Hochman with Iranian fans
    Israeli comedian Guy Hochman with Iranian fans
    Israeli comedian Guy Hochman with Iranian fans
    (Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)
    Hochman is seen in several videos, speaking to Arab fans from various countries, presenting himself as an Israeli, and waiting for their responses, most of them unpleasant.
    In his latest video, the Israeli comedian is seen during the Iran-Wales match in the Iranian fan section of the stadium.
    “Do you like Iran?” Hochman asks an Iranian fan with long blond hair, and to her affirmative answer he retorts: "But you can't go dressed like this in Iran".
    (Guy Hochman's video with Iranian fans)
    “Is Iran strong?” he asks another fan. “Of course,” replies a young fan wearing an Iranian flag T-shirt. “But Israel is even more powerful,” Hochman says, watching the disappearing smile on the face of the Iranian.
    Others, however, were seen reacting with enthusiasm when he revealed his Israeli comedian. "Israel? No problem,” says a different Iranian fan, and shakes Hochman's hand. “Everything for peace,” another woman replies.
    But, the comedy project went sideways when the video with the Iranian fans sparked incitement and threats toward Hochman.
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    The inciting video against Guy Hochman
    The inciting video against Guy Hochman
    The inciting video against Guy Hochman
    (Photo: Screenshot from Twitter)
    On Sunday, Palestinian-American journalist Samar Dahmash Jarrah posted a video on her Twitter page - which has 170,000 followers - featuring Hochman, titled - "Expose them. Criminals."
    In the video, which already amassed over 260,000 views, the former CNN editor presents Hochman as a former IDF soldier, and part of the occupation, while mentioning he was part of a unit responsible for killing thousands of Palestinians during the first and second intifadas.
    The hostile video opens with a question: "Peace-maker or a killer soldier?"
    The video immediately stated that Hochman presents himself in the videos as someone who is trying to "make peace," while actually being "a killer."
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