Veteran Israeli singer refuses to perform in Knesset, calling it a 'zoo'

Chanan Yovel turns down offer to take part in annual Memorial Day ceremony due to chaos over judicial reform; 'To sing there in front of these abhorrent people is to make a big lie of myself,' he says

Raz Shechnik|
Performing at the Knesset is considered an honor by most Israeli artists. However, one veteral Israeli musician turned down that offer, labeling the parliament a "zoo."
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  • Chanan Yovel was allegedly offered to perform at the parliament during the Memorial Day ceremony, but refused over the crisis surrounding the controversial judicial reform.
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    דודי אמסלם, חנן יובל
    דודי אמסלם, חנן יובל
    Chanan Yovel, Dudi Amsalem
    (Photo: Av Mualem)
    "In this Knesset - of Almog Cohen, of Dudi Amsalem, of MK Gottlieb, of Galit Distal, of Aryeh Deri - there is not a single just man who will rise and speak up," he said.
    "This is not my Knesset. To sing there in front of these abhorrent people is to make a big lie of myself. Food is not lacking and will not be lacking in the Yovel family home. Integrity is something I've worked for all my life."
    The singer added that what's going on in the parliament is "shameful."
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    חנן יובל
    חנן יובל
    Chanan Yovel
    (Photo: Orit Panini)
    "I said that I don't want to come any more. What's going on in the Knesset now resembles the behavior of a zoo."
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