Israeli museum offers unique experience of art and night-time party

Haifa's ElseWhere Museum spans four floors of stylish spaces, includes three-dimensional dance floors, displays, LED tunnels and secret passages; 'the crowd must be part of the art' creator says

Michal Manor|
The ElseWhere Museum in the northern city of Haifa defines itself as a place that can offer "food, music, and dancing, all within a framework of an artistic wonderland."
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  • The unique night-time museum spans four floors of stylish spaces connected by disco elevators. It includes three-dimensional dance floors, different displays, LED tunnels, secret passages, a music cave, and even a bar.
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    מוזיאון הלילה, elsewhere
    מוזיאון הלילה, elsewhere
    ElseWhere night museum
    (Photo: Daniel Dormea)
    "I don't go to the kind of museums that open at 9 am and where you look at other people's work," Guy Peleg the creator and the producer of the night museum said.
    "The experience of spending an evening with art around you, that's what I'm into. So I came up with an idea to create a journey that takes you higher and higher until you get to the top of the building where there is a party that overlooks the whole city of Haifa."
    The museum, co-founded by the Reality fund, belongs to the Immersive art genre, a global phenomenon in which visitors enter a space surrounded by art, and are invited to participate, and film it.
    "This generation, this crowd, has to be part of the art, part of the pieces," Peleg explained, "The audience can't look at it from the outside, they have to be part of the content, if all they could do is observe, they wouldn't come," he said.
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    מיכל מנור במוזיאון הלילה בחיפה
    מיכל מנור במוזיאון הלילה בחיפה
    (Photo: Asaf Magal)
    The museum will open next month for 100 nights, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and there will be two types of displays.
    An evening exhibition starts at 19:30 and ends at 23:00, which is defined as an experience of art, food, alcohol, and dancing. And the second exhibition will start at 22:00 and will end at 2:30, and will revolve more around music and partying. Ticket prices start from NIS 149, not including food and drinks.
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