'Fauda' star Idan Amedi posts photo of his Gaza injuries: 'I don't think I will ever grasp it'

The singer and actor who was seriously injured while fighting in Gaza shared a photo of himself from shortly after he was admitted to the hospital in a 36th birthday post; 'That’s how miracles are, you have to accept them and, above all, don’t forget what happened'

Ron Boker|
Idan Amedi posted on social media a photo taken in the hospital shortly after he was seriously injured in Gaza, in a message for his 36th birthday on Monday.
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"One of the doctors at the hospital calls me '360,'" the singer and actor wrote in a post he published on social media. "He says that people tend to think that if you have made a 360-degree turn, then you are back at the starting point; But with those injured in battle the story is a little different, this trip to the sharp, flat and rough corners of life. War changes you, shapes you and through it you are reborn.
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עידן עמדי
עידן עמדי
Idan Amedi in news conference at Sheba hospital
"Every now and then I have some understanding of the miracle that happened to me, but honestly I don’t think I will ever grasp it," he also wrote.
“That’s how miracles are, you have to accept them and above all don’t forget what happened. Dedicate the gift you received, with all the angles and fractures, remind yourself especially when the road is rough. There are more beautiful things to see. ... Thank you to all the well-wishers - someday I will be able to thank you all, and here's to the life of adventures ahead."
The singer and actor was seriously injured in the fighting in Gaza last month, and at the press conference he held before his release from the hospital, he said that initially when he got there he was admitted as '22-year-old John Doe' because of the difficulty in identifying him due to the injury to his face. Referring to this, Amedi kept a sense of humor and wrote on the photo he shared: "An unknown 22-year-old in the trauma department."
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