Strong rainfall, thunderstorms expected throughout Israel

After short dry spell, Israel set to see dramatic shift in weather, with heavy showers and low temperatures for the next several days; some flooding expected along coastal plain

Danny Rup|
After a short dry spell, Israel was set to see a dramatic shift in the weather, with rainfall and low temperatures for the next several days.
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  • While early Tuesday will be partially cloudy, starting from around noon, rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms and even hail will spread across the country.
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    גשם בתל אביב
    גשם בתל אביב
    Rainfall in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: Motti Kimchi)
    The rain will increase gradually, and will be accompanied by strong winds.
    Some flooding is expected along the coastal plain.
    Throughout the night, the rain will continue and temperatures will still remain low. It is possible that snow may continue to fall on Mount Hermon, and flood warnings would remain across the coastal areas.
    Constant showers are also expected on Wednesday, starting from the northern parts of Israel and later in the center.
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    שלג באתר החרמון
    שלג באתר החרמון
    Snow on Mount Hermon
    (Photo: Mount Hermon Ski Resort)
    The rain will weaken on Thursday and will get stronger on Friday and continue into Saturday.
    Rainfall will stop on Sunday and is expected to resume on Monday.
    On Tuesday, in the northern city of Haifa, the temperatures will range from 21 degrees Celsius during the day to 16 degrees at night. In Tel Aviv, the weather will be similar with a range of 22 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night. In the southern city of Be’er Sheva, temperatures will range from 21 degrees throughout the day to 13 degrees at night. In Jerusalem, the temperatures will be cooler, reaching 19 degrees during the day and falling to 12 overnight, while in the southernmost city of Eilat the weather will remain warm with 26 degrees during the day and 19 at night.

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