Greta Thunberg, next to Palestinian flag, calls COP 'another betrayal and stab in back'

The Swedish climate activist posed again with flags and signs supporting the Palestinians; At the same time, she attacked the agreement signed by about 200 countries at the climate conference in Dubai

Young climate activist Greta Thunberg made her weekly appearance from Stockholm on Friday, next to a large Palestinian flag and a "Free Palestine" sign, criticizing the newly signed COP climate deal that was ratified in Dubai by nearly 200 countries.
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Thunberg has been expressing support for the Palestinians since the murderous terrorist attack by Hamas and this time posed next to a sign, which read: "Jews for the liberation of Palestine."
It is not only Israel that Thunberg criticizes, but also the climate agreement, which was signed by almost 200 countries on Wednesday at the COP climate change conference in Dubai. The young climate activist said that this is "another betrayal and a stab in the back" for countries more affected by global warming. According to her, the agreement will not prevent the temperatures from reaching a situation where irreversible damage will be caused.

"This text is toothless and it is nowhere even close to being sufficient to keep us within the 1.5 degree limit," Thunberg told Reuters outside Sweden's parliament, where she and a handful of other protesters called for climate justice and the liberation of Palestine.
The Alliance of Small Island States, which includes the countries most affected by climate change such as Fiji, Tuvalu and Kiribati, said the agreement was full of loopholes as well as "incremental and not transformational." Potentially, these countries may disappear as a result of the rising sea level.
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עם דגל הרשות הפלסטינית. גרטה טונברג ופעילים במחאה השבועית
עם דגל הרשות הפלסטינית. גרטה טונברג ופעילים במחאה השבועית
Greta and her group of protesters with Palestinian flag
(Photo: REUTERS/Ilze Filks)
Thunberg, 20, who rose to fame as the face of climate activism in 2018 after she began holding weekly demonstrations in Sweden, said the agreement was not meant to solve the climate crisis, but was "an alibi" for world leaders that allows them to ignore global warming. "As long as we don't treat the climate crisis as a crisis and as long as we keep lobby interests influencing these texts and these processes, we are not going to get anywhere," she said.
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