Ben-Gurion Airport

Countering COVID, Ben-Gurion Airport bans non-passengers from entering terminals

Access to terminals 1 and 3 at Israel's primary port of entry will only be allowed to passengers presenting a boarding ticket up to 4 hours before departure, banning chaperones and meet and greets

Roy Rubinstein |
Published: 07.26.21, 11:55
As the coronavirus pandemic rages on in Israel and the world over, Ben-Gurion Airport announced on Monday it was tightening its coronavirus measures and banning people who do not hold a plane ticket from entering its passenger terminals, either to chaperone a passenger or greet them.
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  • Entry to the airport's terminals 1 and 3 will only be allowed to travelers presenting a boarding ticket up to four hours before their departure. Minors and people with disabilities will be allowed to arrive with a chaperone.
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    Ben-Gurion Airport
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    Some 34,000 people were expected to pass through Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, of which 16,500 were departing passengers.
    About 2,900 passengers left for the United States Monday, another 2,700 went to Turkey for the Eid al-Adha, about 2,200 traveled to Greece and about 1,150 tourists left for Ukraine.
    On Sunday, Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash warned Israelis who wish to travel abroad that they may be required to quarantine upon their return as the government was reviewing the pandemic's situation in different countries and urged avoiding unnecessary travel abroad.
    "The rise in morbidity is global," he said. "The risk of being infected abroad, both in the countries themselves and en route, is great. We do not want people to get infected on these trips and bring diseases to the country.
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    עומסים בנתב"ג
    עומסים בנתב"ג
    Long queues at Ben-Gurion Airport's Terminal 3
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    "I recommend to anyone planning a trip abroad to take into account that there may be policy changes once you're back in Israel. Both when booking the tickets and when flying, it should be taken into account."
    Israel has issued a travel warning to Britain, Cyprus, Turkey and Georgia last Friday and all travelers arriving from these destinations will have to self-isolate regardless of vaccination status.
    Starting July 30, these destinations will be designated as maximum-risk countries and traveling there will be prohibited and carry a NIS 5,000 fine.
    Israel has also issued a travel warning to Uganda, Myanmar, Fiji, Panama, Cambodia, Kenya and Liberia.
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