Israelis regain eyesight in slain soldier's corneas donation

Upon discovering that their donor was Ido Baruch, Benjamin Goren and Aviva Ra'anan say feel combination of 'emotion and sadness'; Transplant coordinator says she was 'moved by the family's nobility'
Nina Fox|
Benjamin Goren and Aviva Ra'anan regained their eyesight on Sunday morning thanks to the corneas taken from slain IDF soldier Ido Baruch, and donated by his family after he was killed last week in a shooting attack in the West Bank.
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  • Both Israelis underwent the transplant at Meir Hospital. The National Transplant Center said that they were moved when informed of the donor's identity - "both emotion and sadness could be seen on their faces."
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    עידו ברוך
    עידו ברוך
    Benjamin Goren, Ido Baruch, Aviva Ra'anan
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
    The hospital's transplant coordinator said she "was moved by the nobility of the family who chose to give life to the others in such a difficult and painful moment."
    The Transplant Center said that close to 1,000 Israelis are currently on the waiting list for transplants, and emphasized that "organ donation is an expression of social solidarity in the highest level of humanity."
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    ניתוח השתלת הקרנית לבנימין גורן
    ניתוח השתלת הקרנית לבנימין גורן
    Surgeons operating on Benjamin Goren
    Baruch was declared dead at the Meir Hospital shortly after being evacuated from the site of the terror attack. After his family was notified, they decided to donate his organs, but by that time his cornea remained the only organ that could be used for transplants, one of the family members explained. "Someone will have his happy eyes, we will remain with the tears and with this huge emptiness."
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