Israel sees nearly 3,000 new COVID cases for second straight day

Health Ministry says infection rate continues to rise, standing at 2.48% - highest it has been since October 4th; virus' R number climbs to 1.53; hospitalizations remain relatively stable, with 88 in serious condition and 39 connected to ventilators

For the second straight day, Israel on Wednesday saw nearly 3,000 new coronavirus cases as the Omicron variant continues to rapidly spread across the country.
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  • The Health Ministry reported that 2,952 Israelis tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday out of 120,562 tests conducted, putting the infection rate at 2.48% - the highest the figure has been since October 4.
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    מחלקת הקורונה בבית חולים רמב"ם בחיפה
    מחלקת הקורונה בבית חולים רמב"ם בחיפה
    Rambam Health Care Campus' coronavirus ward
    (Photo: Rambam Health Care Campus)
    The virus' reproduction number, R, stands at 1.53. The number indicates the average number of secondary infections produced by a single virus carrier.
    Hospitalizations, however, still remain relatively stable, despite the rise in infections. Out of 17,260 active patients, 88 are in serious condition, with 39 connected to ventilators.
    Nearly 86% of all seriously ill patients did not receive the coronavirus vaccines at all, according to the ministry, while of the under 60 age group in hospitals, 96% were unvaccinated.
    Since the start of the pandemic, 8,243 Israelis have succumbed to coronavirus-related complications.
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    נוסע נוסעים אולם המראות ב נתב"ג נמל התעופה בן גוריון
    נוסע נוסעים אולם המראות ב נתב"ג נמל התעופה בן גוריון
    Ben-Gurion International Airport
    (Photo: EPA)
    The Health Ministry said Tuesday evening that 623 new Omicron cases have been detected so far, raising Israel's total infections from the new variant to 1,741- out of which 1,004 tested for the strain after returning from abroad.
    Hospitals are currently treating eight patients for Omicron, with one in critical condition and another seriously ill - both of which are unvaccinated.
    The ministry also reported that an 84-year-old woman who has passed away due to coronavirus complications is suspected of being infected with Omicron. It was also reported that she was fully vaccinated.
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