Northern Israel newborn in serious condition after botched circumcision

Infant rushed to emergency surgery in Haifa's Rambam Health Care Campus; doctors describe case as exceedingly rare in severity; child's life not in danger

Adir Yanko |
Published: 09.06.22, 19:51
An eight-day-old infant was admitted to Haifa's Rambam Health Care Campus in serious condition on Monday after circumcision that went amiss.
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  • The child was rushed to emergency surgery. Doctors at the northern Israel hospital described the incident as exceedingly rare in its severity.
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    "The [child's] family said the mohel (circumciser) was experienced and circumcised their eldest son as well," Dr. Akram Assadi, a senior urologist at Rambam, told Ynet. The mohel did not join the family at the hospital.
    According to Assadi, the newborn arrived with an amputation and substantial injury to the genitalia.
    "We've seen many cases over the years, but as a practicing physician for of twenty years, I can't recall such a serious case," Dr. Assadi said.
    "It is hard to imagine that such an injury was caused by circumcision. After arriving here, the baby was operated on by three surgeons to try to stitch and patch whatever possible, because there was also damage to blood vessels."
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    Assadi noted that the child's life was not in danger and that such injuries post circumcision are possible, but there are ways to minimize the risk.
    "I don't know what experience this mohel had but it's recommended to pick a highly experienced mohel. Circumcision is a surgical operation and sometimes the training is not always professional," he said.
    "We see many incomplete circumcisions and children suffering bleeding after circumcision, abrasions and injuries of one kind or another. Lots of damage. Sometimes the training the mohels undergo is not ideal. It's important to note that many mohels are also trained doctors and others are excellent urologists. It's essential to choose the right mohel."
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