Luca the parrot
Luca the parrot
Photo: Reuters
Luca the parrot

Squawking parrot warns world in Hebrew: 'Coronavirus! Don't go out!'

Zehava Shabat from the northern city of Kiryat Shmona took advantage of the recent 'stay at home' order to teach their 22-month-old grey parrot Luca about the dangers of COVID-19

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Published: 03.24.20 , 17:54
A talking parrot in Israel has a playful message for a world gripped by the coronavirus crisis: "Don't go out!"
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  • In crystal-clear Hebrew, Luca the parrot squawks "There is coronaI" and "don't go out", repeatedly echoing official health warnings.
    Luca the parrot Luca the parrot
    Luca the parrot
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Israel has ordered people to stay at home to slow the contagion's spread and billboards reinforce the message in Hebrew and Arabic.
    The 22-month-old grey parrot began to mimic the words after training with its owners, who like many Israelis have been alarmed by their country's more than 1,600 cases and two deaths.
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    Zehava Shabat says she and her husband spent several days teaching the bird the new words while holed up in their home in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona.
    "Then, one morning, two days ago, we hear her saying: Zehava, there is corona! It's dangerous!"
    Shabat, 53, says Luca may help children cope with the crisis.
    "For kids, when they see a parrot, the message is positive. They will understand it, in a positive way," she said.
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