Israel's Omer Adam sings for kids fighting cancer

Pop star joins local non-profit supporting kids and families: Chiyuch Shel Yeled - A child's smile - to bring joy to sick kids after he accompanies one child fighting disease during months long hospital say

Israeli pop star Omer Adam performed before children fighting cancer and their families earlier in the week, in an initiative of the Chiyuch Shel Yeled" (a child's smile) non-profit which accompanies children with cancer and helps them cope with the disease.
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  • The concert took place at the Gavriel hall in the central city of Ness Ziona, and among the crowd were also adults from the Akim organization, a non-profit which helps people with intellectual disabilities, and their families.
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    עומר אדם עמותת חיוך של ילד
    עומר אדם עמותת חיוך של ילד
    Omer Adam performs for "Chiyuch Shel Yeled" children
    (Photo: Noam Naziri)
    The children were treated to attractions such as inflatable play grounds, drawing and painting before Adam, his brother Gal and Osher Cohen took the stage. All three donated their time.
    During the performances, the children went on stage, danced and sang with the performers and with their band.
    Adam joined a boy named Lior, supported by the non-profit, in a song. Lior had been hospitalized for three months, and had recently been bed bound suffering severe illness. The singer has been spending time with Lior for nearly six months regularly visits him during his hospital stays.
    Omer Adam performs for "Chiyuch Shel Yeled" children
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    The "Chiyuch Shel Yeled" organization was established by three teenagers, and all its activities is on a voluntarily basis. The non-profit aims to accompany children with cancer and their families and help them cope with the many challenges they face.
    "I thank god for giving us the right to work every day with the children and their families," Noam Naziri, a member of the organization says
    " The credit for this special event does not go to me, because we were able to do all of this as a large group of volunteers who worked and gave their time to make it happen," he says.
    The non-profit thanks all the people who were instrumental in making this even successful, and the Gavriel halls for their hospitality, and the inspirational and endless giving.
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