Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shows off MMA skills in training with pro fighter

Instagram clip shows Jewish-American Meta CEO and UFC star Khai Wu trading kicks and punches, winning praise from several MMA figures, including Conor McGregor and UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Omer Daniel |
Published: 09.04.22, 19:46
Founder and CEO of tech conglomerate Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg shared on Sunday a video of him showing off his mixed martial arts (MMA) skills in a training session with professional fighter Khai Wu.
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  • The Instagram clip shows the Jewish-American Meta CEO and Wu, known as "The Shadow", trading kicks and punches.
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    מארק צוקרברג
    מארק צוקרברג
    Mark Zuckerberg
    (Photo: AP)
    Instagram users and a number of MMA figures, including Conor McGregor, Alexander Volkanovski, and Aljamain Sterling praised Zuckerberg for his surprising performance. In the video, Zuckerberg is seen securing both an arm-bar and triangle choke, as even UFC commentator Joe Rogan gave him his props.
    “This is great! I’m so happy to see this, training looks solid too!" the host of the popular The Joe Rogan Experience podcast commented.
    “How did I not know about it till right now?” Zuckerberg said on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, speaking with him for nearly three hours. Discussing topics from VR to the government, the tech tycoon described finding his way into mixed martial arts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    "Since COVID, I got super into surfing and foiling, and then really into MMA. I know a lot of people who do it. There’s actually this really interesting connection between people who surf and do jiu-jitsu," he said.
    "My mom made me do three varsity sports and my life took a wrong turn when I chose to do fencing competitively instead of wrestling in high school," he added. "There’s something so primal about it, I don’t know. Since then I’ve just introduced a bunch of my friends to it—we train together, and we like, wrestle together, and there’s a certain intensity to it that I like."
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