Giving hope: The Israelis that dedicate their life to Tikun Olam

The courageous individuals who rush to disaster zones, the innovators who turn waste into drinking water, the discharged officer who renovates schools in Tanzania, the tech whizz who left a life of comfort for a floating hospital, and the billionaire who rescues animals: These are the stories of five incredible Israelis who are making the world a better place

Yotam Polizer:

leads IsraAID to help in disaster zones, the organization is being compared to Red Cross

IsraAID's bold representatives, dressed in blue shirts, have become beloved figures worldwide. These courageous individuals are often the first to arrive at disaster sites, and their humanitarian efforts are funded entirely by donations. Over the years, IsraAID has become the beautiful face of Israel to the world, and their CEO, Yotam Polizer, is determined to contribute most of his prestigious prize money to the organization.
יותם פוליצר בחילוץ של ילדה סורית בלסבוס, יוון
The Very Best of Israel

Shahar Zahavi:

Provides much needed aid in disaster zones worldwide

The founder of the Israeli aid organization IsraAID, dedicated many years to assisting refugees and survivors. Few years ago he established SmartAID, a global organization that prioritizes providing advanced technologies as emergency humanitarian aid. "When Syrian refugees arrived on the shores of Greece, depleted, without sustenance, and desperate, their immediate requests were for luggage and internet access".
שחר זהבי בעיר האטאי על גבול טורקיה-סוריה
The Very Best of Israel

Achi Kushnir:

The Israeli engineer who quits high-tech to volunteer on floating hospital

Achi Kushnir, an engineer who relocated from Australia to Israel to be with his grandmother, made a remarkable decision during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite a promising career in high-tech, he embarked on a personal mission to make a difference in the world. In under three years, he initiated several projects to aid infants and children in Africa, assist refugees at the Hungarian border, and serve as the first Israeli and Jew on board the Global Mercy, a vast humanitarian hospital that sails along the African coast.
אחי קושניר עם הצוות הקליני במרכז הרפואי באשנט
The Very Best of Israel

Rafi Ryker:

The Israeli who brings drinking water and hope to African villages

Little did Rafi Ryker know that a single trip to Africa would set in motion a series of events that would transform the lives of countless villagers in northern Tanzania, empowering them with the ability to dream big; 'Where there is water there is hope.'
רפי רייקר ואפריכאן - משוחררים מתנדבים בטנזניה
The Very Best of Israel

Ady Gil:

The Hollywood big shot saving the world's animals

He grew up in Ramat Gan, moved to Los Angeles, and made it big in the film industry; since then he has been using his personal fortune to improve the welfare of animals, from steering U.S. legislators to ban animal testing to freeing hundreds of monkeys and massive charity projects.
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